One of the hardest things about having a new baby is when they have pain and we don’t know how to help them. I know, my first two babies had spent months 2-4 crying and fussy! We knew it was normal digestive issues many babies suffer, but it was hard to help them naturally. By my third child, I was a big user of essential oils and found that the digestive blend of the company I use, is a blend for digestive upset, and it was such a blessing! For occassional upset stomach or difficulty digesting food, 1 drop of Digestive Blend with a carrier oil massaged on the belly in circular motion will calm the baby’s tummy down in a few minutes for most babies. Over the past 3.5 years I’ve used essential oils, I have personally seen and heard many success stories with Digestive Blend on many digestive complaints.  If you’d like a free sample, call me at (480) 227-8071 or email me at the address below.

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