Did you dream that you birthed a litter of puppies?  Or that your belly had a zipper, and you could take your baby out and put him back in, as you please, and it was SO REAL?

You are not alone!  Almost all of our clients report having wild and crazy dreams, just like these.  And, they actually play a very important role in preparing you for motherhood!

First Trimester Dreams- Get out of here before my husband sees you!

In the first trimester, dreams tend to center around letting go of the past, to make room for the future.  Old lovers might show up at your doorstep, offering you chocolates.  Or, you may find yourself in your childhood home, naked, and feeling judged by your family.

In each of these scenarios, there is something from the past, either consciously or subconsciously, affecting your ability to move forward.  It is helpful for you to process the idea of the permanence of your connection to your current mate, (once you have children, you are forever connected, in some way, even in divorce) and the need for developing your own parenting style, prior to this little one coming to join you.

Second trimester- Where’s the baby?!

In the second trimester, our bodies and minds begin to prepare us for all of the needs our baby has for us.  Our breasts begin to produce colostrum, and our dreams begin to produce scenarios for us to conceptualize just how important we are to this baby’s survival.

Dreams in which we go shopping and accidentally leave the baby on a shelf in the grocery store, but don’t know which one, help us to develop a new and deep sense of responsibility.  And, dreams where we suddenly discover that our belly is see through allow us to connect and bond with the baby on a new level, during pregnancy.

Third trimester- A tidal wave in Phoenix?!

In the third trimester, our labor and births tend to become the focus, though that is not always immediately apparent.

Often, mamas dream about huge natural disasters occurring, such as villages being swept away by a flood or six-lane interstates being taken out by a tornado.  These often represent the idea of the challenge of labor, a powerful and magnificent event that changes things forever.  Mamas are usually tasked with finding a way “through” or “around” the natural disaster, in their dreams, relying upon their own strength, courage, and fortitude, much as they will  during their birth.

Alternately, women may dream of having their baby in an unexpected place, such as alone on a desert island.  One could interpret this as a fear of feeling alone, and it certainly could be.  However, upon close inspection of the circumstance, one can usually find the empowering message.  Could a mama birth her baby, by herself, on a desert island, and be able to keep her and her baby alive?  Yes, actually, in most cases, she absolutely could.  All she’d need are plentiful coconuts and some trees to fashion a spear from, and she and baby are good to go!

It’s important to remember that our bodies really don’t know if it’s 2013 or 1013, as far as our biological make-up.  The intricate mind-body connection is working overtime  to make sure that we know what we need to do, in order to allow for the optimal outcome for mama and baby.  Detailed and vivid dreams in pregnancy help us to do just that, and all we must do is heed their (well, really, our) wisdom!


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