Our office address is 5505 W. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 5, Chandler, Arizona 85226.

We are located in the Chandler Office Plaza, on the south side of Chandler Blvd, between Kyrene and Rural, just minutes from the South 101, South 202, and I-10 Freeways.

Office hours are by appointment only, and  we offer week day, weekend, and evening appointments.


We have a comfy couch for you and your family to sit and discuss your hopes and dreams for your birth experience.  We welcome you to bring your doula or any other support people to participate in our prenatal visits, which are typically an hour in length.  We also welcome you to bring your little ones to your visits!


Right here in the office, we do all clinical diagnostics, and can even perform lab testing, thereby eliminating the need to go into a lab setting, to sit with a crowd of sick people!




Our goal is to empower you throughout the birth journey, making sure that mama and baby are healthy and happy, and informing you if anything deviates from normal.




The tools that we use in the office consist primary of diagnostic instruments.  We use a doppler to hear the baby’s heart rate, an organic belly oil instead of the blue ultrasound gel, a fetoscope to listen more closely to the baby’s heart and to help determine position, a stethoscope to listen to your heart, and blood pressure cuff to take your blood pressure, measuring tape to measure your belly, and urinalysis strips to help determine your overall health.  All of our tools are non-invasive and used in a gentle and respectful way.

We have a lending library of books ranging from creation of a birth plan, to cook books, yoga books, baby name books, herbs for pregnancy, empowering birth stories, water birth books, breastfeeding, baby care, interpreting pregnancy dreams, you name it!  In addition, we have several excellent birth DVDs for loan.

In our conference room, we offer free classes to the public, on topics ranging from baby food making, to cloth diapering, to essential oils, all throughout the month.  Please check us out Moxie Midwifery on Facebook, for the latest class schedule!

We welcome you to come check out our office, and to schedule a free consultation to learn more about empowered, natural birth at home.  Thanks so much!

Jennifer Hoeprich, LM

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