As a midwife, and before that, as a doula, I have always loved reading guided imagery scripts to mamas, as they labor.  The relaxation and release of tension, when the deep, golden honey of hypnotherapy comes swirling through the room, is absolutely palpable.  Mamas melt into the bathtub or the bed.  Husbands yawn. The dogs lie their chins on the ground.  Everybody just takes a well-deserved REST.  Including me.  And, it fees sooo good.

As I progressed in my practice, it dawned on me that I might benefit from someone else guiding me through some relaxation and self-discovery.  So, I went to a good friend (who is not currently practicing, hence lack of link) for my first hypnotherapy session.  I knew that hypnotherapy was safe and fun, and completely guided by the subconscious mind.  I knew that I would be in control of my body and mind, and that there was nothing I would experience that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with.  I could move, open my eyes, and could even stop the session, if I ever felt the desire, at any time.

My intention was to tap into my experience in the womb, to get a glimpse of why I might be feeling certain things and exhibiting certain behavior that I felt may have been linked to that stage of my development.  I expected it to be a quick, easy session. Instead, my subconscious led me on a three-hour past life regression as a Black 8-year-old boy in the deep south, concluding with me having a conversation with my mother, who had passed on, two years prior, in Heaven.


Being as I did not believe in past lives or in “Heaven,” at the time, you can imagine my surprise, in being led on this amazing adventure.  But, while I thought I knew what I needed, our subconscious mind actually KNOWS what we need.  And, when it is allowed the time, space, and freedom to work it’s magic on our behalf, miracles occur.

In that one hypnotherapy session, I achieved complete freedom from something that had plagued me for all of my adult life.  I had seen therapists, participated in peer-counseling, meditation, exercise, etc., and I had accomplished much.  But, during that one session, I fully released, forever, my anger and resentment towards my mother.  Poof!  Like that.  It was gone.  Instead, I was left with compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and a love and respect for her that I never imagined I could experience.

Since that session two years ago, I have had many more, much, much, shorter sessions, with various Hypnotherapists, and I have found it to be the most profound healing work that I do, for myself.  Now, I also enjoy massage, essential oils, Reiki, yoga, gong healing, meditation, Polarity, health coaching, etc. (Don’t get me started on self-care… It is so essential for health care workers!  That’s gotta be another blog post.) But, hypnotherapy has helped me tremendously, to grow my business, achieve confidence in parenting, and follow my dreams.

So, in June of 2013, I made the decision to pursue certification in Hypnotherapy.  And, as of October 2014, I have achieved it!  I am now a certified Hypnotherapist, have started a hypnotherapy practice just for women in their childbearing years.  It is called Moxie Meditation, and my hour-long sessions focus on fertility, pregnancy, including common discomforts such as morning sickness, childbirth preparation, postpartum, breastfeeding, and motherhood. I also offer meditation training, to incorporate “me time” into ANY schedule, as well as chakra balancing.

Last weekend, I co-facilitated an amazing retreat for mamas, called Magical Mama Retreat: True You, with Blue Russ and Colleen Reckow, in which I taught the group various meditation techniques for balancing and centering, as well as led them on a chakra balancing guided meditation. 

And, starting in January, I will be offering FREE group guided meditations at my office, to manifest abundance. Please “like” Moxie Meditation on Facebook to stay tuned for details!

As well, please join me at 11:30am on November 9th for a FREE seminar at Bradley Day!  Find out why you need to find your “cornfield,” how to prevent a scream-session with a one-minute breathing technique, and enjoy a guided meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed, centered, and balanced.


As I evolve as a human and spiritual being, I find more and more ways to serve others meaningfully.  Through this, I find more ways to connect with Source, my guides, my sister tribe, my son, my man, all beings on this planet, and my authentic self.  Seriously, y’all, life is GOOD when you choose to live your dreams.  Come share yours with me!

Love, Jen

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