*moxie midwifery*
picnic and natural health in pregnancy fair!
Saturday, November 17, 2012 9:00am – 12:00pm

Wow! What an amazing day we had at the moxie picnic! : ) Thank you to everyone who presented, donated items for the raffle, brought yummy food, shared their products and their wisdom at their booths, took pictures, gave massages, played music, played in general, and to those who came to learn more about natural health in pregnancy! Together, we raised $200 for the Arizona Birth Network and the Arizona Association of Midwives!

Picnic Speakers

9:00am: Jennifer Hoeprich, Welcome
9:15am: Iana Walker, Benefits of Doulas
9:40am: Susan Chanse, Baby Wearing and Cloth Diapering
10:05am: Kevin Ross, DC, Chiropractic Care
10:30am: Michelle Hottya, Breastfeeding
11:05am: Blue Russ, Integrative Nutrition
11:30am: Kim Lineweaver, Essential Oils for the Childbearing Year
11:50am: Jennifer Hoeprich, Raffle/Closing

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