If you’ve been pregnant or are pregnant, you know that “Morning Sickness” can be an all day, every day ordeal for 6-10 weeks, and sometimes longer during pregnancy. In addition to eating extra protein at night, there are a number of essential oils remedies that can help alleviate nausea during pregnancy.

1.      Ginger can be diluted with a little coconut oil and rubbed on the belly (2-3 drops in an empty capsule internally) blocks the receptor pathways of nausea.

2.      Peppermint can the diffused in the air or put a drop in your hands and inhale. Personally, wild orange worked great for me inhaled throughout the day as well.

3.      A digestive blend, with Peppermint, Ginger,  Carroway, Coriander, Anise, Tarragon, and Fennel can be inhaled, applied topically with fractionated coconut oil,  or put 3-5 drops in a capsule and swallow with water.

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