I am an unabashed promoter and celebrator of immaculate self-care. As a midwife, hypnotherapist, mama, and partner, it is truly what allows me to give freely, without ever having the experience of “sacrifice.”

We all instinctively know that we need to have a full cup, or at least a half full cup, in order to feel happy about sharing.  But, for many women, the concept of self-care is new, maybe even a little foreign.  Self-care?  What’s that?  Like, when I eat the carrot and celery scraps left over on my children’s plate, after they’ve had snack?

Well, for you mamas who can’t remember your last massage, can’t remember what creative project you last finished, and are still hungry after the carrots and celery, I invite you to take just 20 minutes today, to embark on a very important journey of self-discovery.





In this relaxing and rejuvenating audio, you will:

*Discover what helps you feel “filled up”, allowing you to joyfully care for others

*Remember what it feels like to be truly nourished

*Easily create your own simple action plan for bringing immaculate self-care into your life, right now

This audio is free, no subscription required.  🙂 Enjoy, and please feel free to share!

Filling Mama’s Cup- A Journey of Self-Care Discovery

Know that every mama has her own unique methods for feeling “nourished.”  My favorites are watching Golden Girls, drinking green smoothies, and getting massages.



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