Wow, babies sure are sweet.  And, they will change your life in a BIG way, right from the start.

Babies need to eat about every two hours, for the first few weeks of life.  This means that mamas don’t get much sleep.  Days will melt into the next, and it will feel like a whirlwind.   Getting enough rest (catnaps at every opportunity), enough quality, health food, and enough clean water will make all the difference!

Babies should pee at least once in the first 24 hours, at least twice in the next 24 hours, at least three times in the next 24 hours, and so on, until day 6.  At that point, they should pee at least six times per day, for the near future.  Babies should poop at least once a day, and their poop should change from the black/green sticky meconium to loose, yellow, mustardy poop, by day 3-5 (right after your milk comes in).

It’s very important that you read some baby books, if you haven’t had a baby before.  The Baby Book by Dr. Sears is a great one!

Basic Training for New Dads: Taught by Brig Day – father of seven:  480-835-8944

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